what do you do with an idea?

One of Maisie’s favorite children’s books is, “What Do You Do with An Idea?” We were reading it tonight before bed and I wanted to share my favorite pieces of the book with y’all as they are applicable at any age and feel particularly so as I embark on this new adventure with Rightside Brewing. I love brave concepts presented in children’s literature and love them even more when I see Maisie’s gears turning. I hope by reading these types of books, we are instilling concepts like bravery and creativity in her, and hey, it is a good refresher for us as well!

Below is just one recipe for what to do with an idea (and there is a lot more to it) but wanted to share some overarching concepts.

  1.       Creativity“It showed me how to walk on my hands. “Because,” it said, “it is good to have the ability to see things differently.” Dr. Pragya Agarwal wrote an article for Forbes on applying creative thinking as an entrepreneur. “Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems and situations from a fresh perspective. The key is to be flexible and adapt the solution to the problem,” she says. 
  2.       Bravery – “I was worried what others would think. What would people say about my idea?” I specifically remember the first time I talked about my idea for Rightside to friends & family. They. Did. Not. Get. It. At the time, no one was talking about tasty non-alcoholic beer. But the more I talked about it, the more the idea came to fruition. I was putting it out in the world, and very slowly, I was getting something back.  Alex Mitchell shares 41 ways to get feedback on your idea or product in this article. Find a couple that may work and be prepared to hear “no!”
  3.       Excitement – “I liked being with my idea. It made me feel more alive, like I could do anything.” Starting something new can feel like a whirlwind. There’s nothing quite like creating something new and making something truly from your heart. Add in a healthy dose of reality (and the lengthy to-do list) but don’t tame the dream. It’s what will keep you going when things get sticky.   

Kobi Yamada starts the book with a note to his kids, “Always remember, a single idea can change everything.” I’d like to think we are all capable of changing the world with a little creativity, bravery and excitement.

Take care and be well,