Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

The Best Foods to Pair with Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer | Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Wheat beers are an interesting and exciting component of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beer world. Wheat beers can be bland and not clearly defined, they can also widely range in how cloudy or clear they are, depending on the brand and quality of the beer.

Wheat beers can be packed to the gills with flavor and textured profiles, while some can favor a more moderate profile. Non-alcoholic wheat beers are usually paired in the same way as their harder counterparts as well. Check out some of our recommended food pairings for your favorite non-alcoholic craft wheat beer!


Salads are a Great Choice

Many wheats are delicious to drink on hot days, because of it’s lighter profile. When pairing food with beer, it’s good to match the profile of the beer with the type of food. Since wheat beers are lighter, it pairs well with lighter fare. Wheat beer pairs nicely with a sweet summer salad. The flavors of leafy greens, crisp tomatoes, and creamy dressings are a nice addition to the flavors of a non-alcoholic wheat beer.

For example, a Citrus Wheat pairs very nicely with a chef’s salad, although strong tasting cheeses should typically be avoided when this pairing is chosen. Fresh and lighter cheese selections, such as mozzarella, go with a Citrus Wheat far more favorably than other types of cheeses, such as pepper jack or cheddar.


Fish is Nice as Well with Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Another great tasting dish to pair with a wheat non-alcoholic beer is a nice fillet of fish. The fish is evenly and directly matched with the flavor and weight of many wheats, especially the American variety. To truly make the pairing absolutely perfect, you can take a lemon and give it one good squeeze.

The resulting juices will make the pairing delicious, with non-alcoholic craft wheat, as the sour and refreshing lemon juice will mix and complement it nicely. You can also add other dashes and bits of citrus to your fish to compliment the citrus flavor of the drink. Although American Wheats have a wide range of flavors and qualities, most of them are drinkable at any time of the day and in any mood.


The American Flavor Profile of Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer

Many non-alcoholic wheat beers are light and airy, fine for a sip while working around the house or performing an exhaustive task. American Wheats are typically loaded with woody and spicy hops and flavors. Some see these choices as blander than their German counterparts, but it leads to a lighter and airier take on non-alcoholic wheat beer. 


Cheeses and Other Foods

Wheats are often garnished with a lemon wedge because the notes of the citrus complement the beverage well. If you’re trying a non-alcoholic wheat beer with an afternoon lunch, it’s best to avoid thick and rich cheeses with your meal. Instead, you can opt for light cheeses, such as mozzarella, provolone, or camembert. 

It’s best to avoid sharp cheddars and other flavors like blue cheeses and other more pungent varieties that are more widely available. One of the best dishes to pair with a non-alcoholic wheat beer is chicken saltimbocca because the dish gives the beer the best lemony pairing. In addition, the lightness of the chicken will complement many flavors of your drink well. There are other foods that work well with Wheats too, such as scallops and garlic shrimp. These are less similar to a non-alcoholic wheat beer, but the contrast offered is usually well-liked!


Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

If you’re in the mood for a great-tasting wheat beer free of alcohol, try our Citrus Wheat! It is light and great to drink during any time of the year, though they’ll really hit the spot during the upcoming summer months. Grab a six-pack today!