Final post of self-improvement month! I hope y’all have enjoyed the tips & topics we’ve shared on bettering ourselves. Either way, we’d welcome your feedback on what you did and didn’t like in the comments below. 


Today, I am featuring ways to focus on self-education. There has been SO much I didn’t know while starting Rightside, and frankly, Google has been a great friend and resource. But when a quick Google search doesn’t do the trick, I wanted to highlight some sources that may help with some of your continuous improvement goals. 


  1. Online Courses – I signed up for a few Udemy classes trying to hone my photography & marketing skills. Y’all…this site runs the gamut. For a minimal price (the photography course was $9.99), you can gain insights from professionals that have been there and done that. For those struggling to fit this in, you can pause the class and come back to it and skip ahead to the sections you want to focus on. I took notes and plan to revisit the class periodically. 
  2. Podcasts – I gain SO much in my weekly podcast subscriptions. I try to stay informed of current events, gain insights from entrepreneurship podcasts, and seek inspiration from others. I could write a ton of posts on the value of podcasts but they are an easy way to learn a little something while I’m doing something else (they are a staple during my morning workouts). Some of my favorites are BossBabe, ProductBoss, NPR News Now, Unlocking Us, The Motherly Podcast, Super Soul Conversations, The Rise Podcast (Now Rachel Hollis Podcast), TED Radio Hour, Revisionist History
  3. Knowledge Night – Admittedly, this is not something I’ve put into practice but I LOVE the idea. A coworker gets together with friends and they share a topic they are interested in. They spend time researching and share a 5 minute snippet on something that’s grabbing their attention. This is an awesome way to dive a little deeper into something that may be interesting but not in your direct path. It’s a great excuse to round out your knowledge base.


Let me know how you work on self-education beyond the classroom and hope y’all are staying well and safe. 





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