self-care – biohacking

I’m continuing to dive into self-improvement topics during September, and this week, I’m exploring biohacking!  I recently was listening to a podcast featuring Ben Greenfield, and admittedly, I hadn’t heard of biohacking before but was immediately intrigued.  Dave Asprey says biohacking is a crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all – biohacking is the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Most of what Ben shared on the podcast was very digestible – very easy to implement. Since listening, these are three of the things I’ve implemented to get more energy in my day.

1)      Pranayama Breathing –Pranayama breathing recharges your energy, relieves stress, and boosts overall health. Pranayama breathing brings oxygen to all of the body’s cells. One technique to try is the breath of fire. Inhale and exhale vigorously through your nose, drawing breath from your abdomen. Try for 45-60 seconds for best results. I’ve dabbled in hot yoga and this breathing was always incorporated. I usually felt self-conscious in a group setting, but in the comfort of my own home or car, have found this practice to be invigorating.

2)      Sunshine Walks – working from home has its perks and I’m usually able to get outside with my dog, Murphy, (who also really enjoys this ritual) at least once a day. I usually only walk for 10-20 minutes depending on available time. It’s something so small but the sun fills you up. The research on this is astounding. After people were exposed to UVA and UVB rays for 3 months, their vitamin D levels increased by more than 100%. Did you also know Vitamin D can support the immune system? Vitamin D has shown to reduce the risk of acute respiratory infection with either daily or weekly vitamin d supplementation.

3)      Cold/Hot Contrast – I’m not investing in a sauna or ice chamber at this point, but I did take Ben Greenfield up on a hot/cold shower. I am not loving ending my shower freezing, but I will admit it gives me a rush of energy.  


Whatever your goals may be, I hope these low-maintenance hacks help you feel more energized and ready to tackle the road in front of you. Here’s to a month of self-improvement!

Take care and be well,