India Pale Ale – 6-Pack

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Tasting Notes: Our Rightside American IPA is iconic – a moderate hop aroma with a tropical fruit-filled fusion of pineapple, orange, citrus and slight malt. Dive deep into this fresh light golden to orange foamy head brew. After a long day, this ale will refresh you for a night of socializing – bursts of fresh mandarin orange, stone fruit, and an earthy spice flavor will keep you craving “just one more” sip.

Nutritional Information: 53 Calories and 11g Carbohydrates per 12 oz serving

6 reviews for India Pale Ale – 6-Pack

  1. James W

    I am enjoying the Rightside IPA! Smells and tastes like an IPA to me. A pleasant aftertaste. I wish more bars and restaurants would offer a high quality NA beer like this. Can’t wait to try the citrus wheat.

    • Rightside Brewing

      Thank you so much, James! So glad you enjoyed, and we agree that quality NAs need more representation at bars and restaurants. Working on it!

  2. Jeanne W

    Excellent NA IPA. This NA brand sparked my interest in beer again.

  3. margaret coble

    I didn’t like the IPA as much as the Citrus Wheat – the flavor on the IPA was just a bit more thin – but it was still good. Both are easy drinkers and the quality is superb.

    • Rightside Brewing

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for letting us know how we can improve in the future!

  4. Debbie McNeil

    My husband and I absolutely love Rightside Brewing IPA! We gave up on all the other NA beers years ago (aftertaste) but will continue to purchase Rightside Brewing beers! Hope to see them in our favorite restaurants soon!

  5. Dana Graham

    Could NOT believe this didn’t have alcohol in it!!! What an awesome solution for those that love beer but want to curb their alcohol consumption for any reason. And to support a small business?! WIN WIN.

  6. Ciara

    Loved this American IPA! It isn’t as bitter as some of the other IPAs I have tried- but the moderately hoppy flavor is still there. This would be an excellent choice if you are like me and prefer a smoother more subtle IPA with less bitterness. The flavor is very rich and warm. Looking forward to trying the citrus wheat next!

    • Rightside Brewing

      Thank you so much for leaving a review and glad you enjoyed!

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