Citrus Wheat – 6-Pack

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Tasting Notes: Revolutionizing the taste of your classic wheat beer, Rightside’s Citrus Wheat puts a spin on a tropical aroma, with nodes of fresh tangerine juice, banana and a hint of spice to tie it all together. Take your taste buds a little deeper with fresh orange flavors with a medium body and crisp finish. The satisfying golden orange color with a slight haze makes you want to keep an open tab with no regrets.

12 reviews for Citrus Wheat – 6-Pack

  1. Rightside Brewing

    5 stars! Light & refreshing and goes down smooth.

  2. Rightside Brewing

    Can’t wait to drink the citrus wheat by the pool!

  3. Rightside Brewing

    light, refreshing, perfectly tasty!

  4. Rightside Brewing

    perfect taste

  5. Rightside Brewing

    AMAZING! Delicious!

  6. Rightside Brewing

    Get me a case of this stuff! I love it!

  7. Rightside Brewing

    The beer is amazing! It smells soooo good & it tastes delicious.

  8. Kelly Downs

    I good more of a grapefruit forward flavor. And I loved it!!!! So bright and crisp!!will be ordering it for sitting lakeside!!!

  9. Casey G

    This beer is excellent. Refreshing, flavorful. Hard to believe it has no alcohol!!!

  10. Keifer Sims

    Light but not watery. Crisp but not sharp. This is an incredibly drinkable brew that will be a staple in my fridge going forward. Cheers!

  11. mags c.

    delightfully crisp and refreshing! really like this one. nice body, not as thin as i expected it to be. but goes down easy. love the golden orange color and citrus aroma. this is a good spring-summer beer! i’ll be buying more.

  12. Debbie McNeil

    I was blown away by how fantastic this beer is!!!! It is unbelievably refreshing!

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