And because we’re high achievers at heart, of course, we created a beer brand with deeper meanings…

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Meet our Founder and parent of two, Emree, who actually couldn’t wake up on the wrongside with her kids and business, so she created Rightside, a non-alc beer that tastes just like beer.

We’re not getting rid of those beloved Friday-Sunday beers (Emree loves them too), but during the weekdays: we have a choice. A choice for how we want to wake up and show up for our priorities and people.

We’re here for achievers and believers, that’s why we donate 5% of its profits to supporting sobriety-related efforts.

There’s nothing wrong with the left side, but for us high-achievers, we want to be right… on the money with most of what we do.


Right in Reality

Right hand man

Right of way

Right as rain

Right on the money

Right off the bat

Right side of the brain

Right side of the body

Right side of the body


In Ancient Rome, they had the two-faced God Janus. Yes, this is the same Janus that we derive “January” and “Dry January” from.

Janus is often represented as a two-faced god, with one face looking right and the other facing left.

The right face, associated with the future, is sometimes interpreted as the side of progress, new beginnings, and possibilities. It represents looking ahead and moving forward. On the other hand, the left face, associated with the past, represents reflection, memory, and retrospection.

This duality of Janus reflects his role as the god of transitions, gateways, and passages. He is the guardian of thresholds and is often invoked during important transitions, such as the beginning of a new year, the opening and closing of doors, or the initiation of significant events.

Or like that transition from “let’s booze all day e’ry day” to “I’m too old for a hangover”.

Or like that transition from person to parent.

Or like that transition from Weekend You to Weekday You.

Right in Rightside