Mocktail Recipes with Non-Alcoholic Beer

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, are beverages that look and often taste like regular cocktails, but without the alcohol. A lot of people may not think to include beer in their mocktail recipes, but beer adds body, bubbles and a frothy kick to cocktails. From drinks where beer is the star of the show to others or where it provides an accent, beer is primed to amp up the refreshment of your next cocktail.

Mocktails, like non-alcoholic beer, also provide some surprising health benefits.

  • Fewer Calories: you can make mocktails with simple, low-calorie ingredients, and since there isn’t alcohol, they are naturally lower calorie than their alcoholic counterpart.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Mocktails often include nutritious ingredients like pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables, herbs, coconut water or kombucha. Therefore, mocktails allow you to join in on the fun while increasing your intake of vitamin C, antioxidants and other nutrients.
  • Hydrating: You can make mocktails with hydrating ingredients like coconut or mineral water. These beverages can help you stay energized during a party and avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

We have been working with mixologists, cocktail coaches and authors to develop our first-ever Rightside Mocktail Guide. This is a collection of Mocktail Recipes to spice up any occasion. While Rightside is excellent on it’s own, these mocktail recipes are fun to make for a special occasion or for someone that’s leery of beer. Enjoy!


Mocktail Recipe - Mexican Michelada

Mexican Michelada

Mocktail Recipe - Summer-Side

Summer Side

Mocktail Recipe - Lemon Blueberry Shandy

Lemon Blueberry Shandy

Mocktail Recipe - Mango Refresher

Mango Refresher

Mocktail Recipe - Summer Shandy

Summer Shandy