Is Non-alcoholic Beer Better For You?

Is Non-alcoholic Beer Better For You?

This is a question that we get a lot: Is non-alcoholic beer better for you? The short answer is – yes it can be! Let’s explore why.

Is Non-alcoholic Beer Better For You?

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of low and non-alcohol beer. No longer does the idea of non-alcoholic beer sound like an oxymoron in people’s minds; rather, it has garnered acceptance as a delicious beverage for adults who want to enjoy a more active lifestyle without sacrificing their taste for beer. In fact, sales of low and no alcohol beers have risen dramatically in recent years.

As the number of non-alcoholic – or “no and low alcohol” – beers on the shelf increases at a rapid rate, it’s no surprise that people are wondering if it is better than its alcoholic counterparts.

A Great Alternative for Many Reasons

Whether you’re watching your calories, are trying to improve your sleep, or want to have a fun night out and still drive, non-alcoholic beer offers a great tasting alternative to regular beer. Additionally, many doctors recommend the consumption of non-alcoholic beer over alcoholic options for heart health; for better health and longer life; and as an alternative for those who miss drinking alcoholic beers, but don’t want to give them up completely.

In recent years, non-alcoholic craft brews have become more available. The taste and health benefits are there especially for those looking for a healthier option. Non-alcoholic beer has come a long way from what it used to be. The emerging choices of non-alcoholic beers have something for every palate with characteristics similar to their alcoholic counterparts, minus the alcohol.

Lower Calories, Same Great Taste

Enjoying non-alcoholic beer is as easy as enjoying a regular beer. In many cases, they are made with the same grains, they taste good, and have the same amount of carbohydrates as your favorite full-strength brew. It’s also lower in calories (about 1/3-1/2 fewer than regular beer) and typically has no added sugar, allowing you to indulge with a clear conscience.


If there’s one thing everyone should keep in mind, it’s that the health of your body is most important. Low or no-alcohol beer is just one of many healthy alternatives for consumers wanting to drink responsibly and enjoy their favorite beverages guilt-free.

Non-alcoholic beer is here for the long haul as a viable and growing part of the alcoholic beverage universe. With an increasing variety of flavors being introduced, it has more in common with its alcoholic counterpart than ever before. And, while the alcohol content is minimal to none, non-alcoholic beer has seen a surge in sales over the last five years. Beer drinkers want options – and nonalcoholic craft beer is proving to be a great one.

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