Pursuing Your Dreams

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

This blog is designed to be short and sweet tips & clips of inspiration and optimism to start your week off with a bang! As this is the first post and somewhat of an introduction, I wanted to start with a quote from my favorite book of all-time, The Alchemist. Rightside Brewing is not only a dream but feels like a destiny, and I’m THRILLED to share the journey with y’all. Inspired by embarking on this new dream, I want to share some tips on following your own dream:

  • Write it Down – something I’m not awesome at but recognize the value in and am trying to get better. “Putting thoughts on paper makes it easier to go back and find the stroke of genius” according to Inc. I’ve recently started recording my goals for the month which seems way more digestible than daily. It helps me to focus on the big things and not worry so much about the distractions.
  • Read – again, a work in progress! I just signed up for a Blinkist subscription and am really into it! I got through at least two books while running one day and it gave me a lot to think about!
  • Create a Motivating Playlist – I don’t know about y’all but music is one of my biggest motivators. When I get in the “zone,” it is usually because I have my favorite playlist on and find myself more creative and more focused.
  • Keep Going – the journey to make Rightside a reality has been a FEAT to say the least. There have been countless obstacles in the way; however, I’m absolutely sure that this won’t fail because I didn’t keep going.

I hope this inspires you to achieve your dreams, and just by reading this, you helped me to achieve mine. Thank you and be well!



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