Checking In: Mom life, beer launches, hiring and more

Hi y’all,


Better late than never! I’ve been trying to recap our January launch and some thoughts from the first few weeks of 2021, but time has been an increasingly scarce resource, am I right? This post will look a little different than the past entries. This will be a peek under the hood of Rightside and our life which is lovely and imperfect, but I know you can relate. 


We had another daycare shutdown last week, and my heart goes out to all the working parents out there juggling work and parenthood. As Rightside ramps up, it’s incredibly hard to find time for the necessary much less the “nice to have.” I committed to myself I’d always put my kids & family first, but I find myself bouncing Keating on my hip with Maisie watching yet another episode of Daniel Tiger while I take a conference call. 


I read this New York Times article which evoked quite a bit of emotion. Brene Brown called it a collective weary last March so where are we now? It hasn’t gotten easier per se, and I know over 2.2 million women have had to leave the workforce due to these impossible constraints. ”Women ages 25 to 44 are almost three times as likely as men of the same age group to not be working due to child care demands, according to new research from the U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Reserve.


I feel so passionate about supporting those that have had their career take a “back seat” to care for their families but may still want a sliver of their former career life. Rightside is now hiring 5 brand reps that allow for part-time work & maximum flexibility in hopes that it may provide that opportunity for those that are struggling to find balance. 


On a much lighter note, we released our citrus wheat to market at the beginning of January! My friends have dubbed Rightside as my third baby, and it’s a very vulnerable position to be in. What if someone calls the baby ugly? But it’s been a testament to move beyond your comfort zone. 


Our community has been SO welcoming and we are so so so thankful for each and every review. I got goosebumps the first time I saw it was on the shelf at a local package store. I promise you I get giddy with each and every social share. I’m in awe of the positivity and warmth of our early fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Our IPA is now officially in the market and we are eager to hear your thoughts! Please reach out to us on social or leave a Google review if you get a chance to taste it. 


We’ve also been testing a lot of different content and would love to know what you like the most. Monday Motivation, Wellness Wednesday, Beer posts, videos/updates from me. Let us know by DMing us on social or emailing [email protected]


We know most of our community is focused on self-improvement to some degree. In March, we are focused on physical health and how NA beer helps you achieve those goals. Be on the lookout for workouts, wellness tips related to benefits of exercise and more exciting events & partnerships! 


I hope this post finds you well, and if you happen to be in a tough spot or pickle, know that there is light and hope. We are in this together. 


Take care and be well,