challege = change

It’s tough to be uncomfortable, but it’s in those moments, that we truly grow. There have been plenty of times these past few months that I’m tackling something new and feeling incredibly challenged. Uncharted territory is difficult, but once I emerge from it, I feel accomplished. I’ve stretched a muscle that hasn’t been worked (maybe ever).

I’ve never been incredibly active on social media, but with Rightside, I’ve wanted to start building a digital presence. Y’all, let me tell you, I’d be embarrassed by my google search history. Rightside was my first insta story ever – and I had to google how to do it.

I recently took one of the Peloton bootcamp classes (this post’s inspiration). Jess Sims not only kicked my butt but also kept reiterating that without challenge, there’s no change. I find that’s true of most things in life – particularly in a startup environment. I hope you find a way to challenge yourself this week, and my bigger hope is that it fosters change for good. Here are a few ways to invite the challenge:

  1. Constantly crave feedback – “Take feedback not as an opportunity to earn approval, but as a chance to turn a perceived weakness into a strength.” See the full Inc. article here.
  2. Never stop learning – Adopting a student mentality pushes you to become a master of your craft. Sharing articles and figuring out how to generate lifelong learning will help you educate and challenge yourself.
  3. Figure out what you’re scared of – and do it for one week consistently. In this lifehack edition, they cite figuring out a small way to face your fears head-on. Sometimes going to worst case scenario can help mitigate the risk. Soon enough, you’ll be saying, “go on – i’m not scared!”

Here’s to the challenges ahead and growing stronger because of it!

Take care and be well,