Can Pregnant Women Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Rightside was dreamed up when I was pregnant with my daughter, so this question hits really close to home. I wanted a “treat” while we were out to dinner or I was at a party and the options were really limited. There were a few things that I knew immediately I should cut out (coffee, alcohol, sushi). Others like swordfish and raw sprouts were harder to remember! So if you are finding yourself in a similar situation, congratulations! And know the list of do’s and don’ts gets easier to remember.

It is widely known that alcohol is to be avoided when pregnant, but what about non-alcoholic beer? The research is very light in this category. Most of the medical community has discouraged any alcohol – even trace amounts – as drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Most non-alcoholic beer contains trace amounts of alcohol (legally must be <.5%) because of the way it’s made. So if you know you are pregnant, the safest option for you and baby is to avoid all alcohol. 

Knowing the guidelines, it’s something for that person and the doctor to decide on whether it is safe to drink non alcoholic beers while pregnant. Something to note: non-alcoholic beer has comparable amounts of alcohol to kombucha, orange juice or a ripe banana, so it is unlikely that a moderate amount of non-alcoholic beer would cause harm. 

The journey of parenthood is filled with millions of questions and decisions, and as my kids get older, I’ve found the questions may change but the pace of them hasn’t!


Take care and be well,