A Mother’s Day Letter on Pursuing Dreams | Non-Alcoholic Beer

Our founder, Emree Woods, is a dreamer, businesswoman, connoisseur of incredible non-alcoholic beer, and leads the Rightside Brewing team. She is also a wife and mom – roles that are equally important to her. This Mother’s Day, she felt it was fitting to share her dreamer’s heart with her kids. Check out her open letter below. Dear Maisie & Keating, Dream BIG! An early lesson I learned from your uncle was to put the bottom line up front #BLUF. It’s Mother’s Day 2021, and while Mother’s Day tends to gravitate towards awesome breakfasts and flowers (love them both by the

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Benefit Food Service Workers

Benefit Food Service Workers | Join Rightside Brewing And Giving Kitchen For Beer Night

We always try to look at the bright side here at Rightside Brewing, and these days, there’s a lot to see. It’s no secret that the past year has been rough on everyone, but particularly one of our most-loved communities: food service workers. The pandemic has dealt a harsh blow to restaurants, taprooms, bars, and other venues. To help the talented and dedicated food service employees who’ve been living with this uncertainty for more than a year, we’re proud to party and partner with Giving Kitchen at their upcoming Team Hidi: Spring Training fundraiser. Learn more about Giving Kitchen, Team

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Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling

4 Easy Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling Good | Non-alcoholic Beer

The key to living a healthy lifestyle ultimately comes down to making healthy decisions. There must be intentional consideration for the foods and beverages we eat and drink, as well as the amount of time we spend on exercise and physical activity. Implementing healthy life changes into your daily tasks will not only benefit your physical health, but also boost your mental health, self-esteem, and mood! Check out these 5 health swaps to keep you feeling good! 4 Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling Good Catch extra naps, not social media “likes.” Social media can trigger anxiety and depression in

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Summer Health Tips

5 Ways to Get Ready for Summer | Summer Health Tips

With summer just around the corner, you might be feeling inclined to drop some healthy habits in exchange for ice cream, lots of sun, and cold beer! While these are some of the best things about the summer, we don’t want to forget about staying healthy too. Check out these five summer health tips to get ready for the new season ahead, while ensuring that you remain healthy as well! Summer Health Tips Continue Exercising Your regime might have to change a little. On extremely hot days, it’s probably better not to go for your usual run or bike ride.

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AJC: Rightside Brewing surprises with nonalcoholic beer

I have never been a fan of nonalcoholic beer, simply because most NA brands don’t exhibit the aromas and flavors of real beer. But recently, more craft breweries have been giving it a try, even attempting to produce styles like hazy IPAs and stouts. In Atlanta, Rightside Brewing recently released an American IPA, after debuting its Citrus Wheat beer in January 2021. Read the Full Article

When you think of beer, many things probably come to mind but, the last thing you likely think of is your gut health. But, did you know you could improve your gut health with non-alcoholic beer?

Improve Your Gut Health with Non-Alcoholic Beer

Beer is a beverage that people have been consuming around the globe for thousands of years for social, religious, and cultural reasons. When you think of beer, many things probably come to mind but, the last thing you likely think of is your gut health. But, did you know you could improve your gut health with non-alcoholic beer? We aren’t talking about the same beer that leaves you with extra gas and craving those late-night nachos. We are talking about non-alcoholic beer and its gut health-boosting potential. How Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Boost Gut Health? First of all, beer contains some

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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Have Heart Health Benefits?

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Have Heart Health Benefits?

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Have Heart Health Benefits? Barbecuing with friends, listening to live music, relaxing after work; most people love doing these things while enjoying a good beer. There are a number of reasons why we love beer, including great flavor and a fun experience.  Much like coffee, drinking beer is a staple in many people’s lives. Going out for a beer after work or having a cold one with dinner has become the norm.  However, for some people, drinking alcoholic beer regularly isn’t the best decision. Alcohol can lead to obesity and the numerous health issues that accompany it,

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Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic Beer for Workout Recovery

Non-Alcoholic Beer is the Workout Recovery Drink You’ve Been Missing | Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic Beer for Workout Recovery

There’s a growing trend among athletes, even Olympic competitors in Bavaria: non-alcoholic beer for workout recovery. There have been a number of breweries in the last few years that have expanded their line of beverages to include a non-alcoholic option. When some of these beers found their way into the hands of Bavarian Olympians, many questioned why. What Is Non-Alcoholic Beer? It’s exactly what it sounds like: Non-alcoholic beer is simply beer that, by US standards, has less than .5% alcohol in it. There are many methods to removing the alcohol from the beer. Our belief in the secret to

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Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

5 Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

This may come as a surprise, but would you believe that beer with little to no alcohol has been around since the Middle Ages? Back then it was called “small beer,” and it had a significantly lower alcohol content over the more popular ales. The advent of a truly alcohol-free beer for mass production didn’t happen in the states until prohibition, around 1917.  But, why did we need a non-alcoholic beer in the first place? Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose? People drink beer to have a good time and to enjoy social situations. On the other hand, there

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