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Best Food Pairings with a Non-Alcoholic IPA | Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Americans are becoming more adventurous with the beers they’re drinking. With many people starting to drink differently (choosing non-alcoholic IPAs for example), exploring various culinary pairings with their new beer choices is becoming a favorite hobby. If you’ve just discovered the delicious flavors and textures of an IPA or if you’ve been drinking them for years but want to start getting serious about your food pairings, here are the best foods to pair with non-alcoholic IPAs.


Profile of a Non-Alcoholic IPA

Choosing the foods to best pair with your non-alcoholic beer is more easily done if you know exactly what your IPA tastes like and can register the more subtle flavors. Many IPAs are bitter and hoppy, and they’re designed for a more delicate palate. Many of the foods you’ll want to pair with your next non-alcoholic IPA will be strong and flavorful. The bitterness of your IPA will help refresh your taste buds while the food complements it nicely. 

A non-alcoholic IPA can also act as a great palate cleanser because of the hops found within the beer. Some of the best foods to eat while you sip on an IPA will be fatty or deep-fried foods.


Notice the Hoppy Flavors

One way to compliment the non-alcoholic IPA you’re drinking is to take the most prominent flavor in the beer, which will most likely be the hops, and compliment it with your meal. There are a few different foods that do this nicely, such as grilled meats like steak and sausage. The goal of this process is to highlight flavors in the non-alcoholic beer and pair them with foods that match the profile so that both elements are similar to each other.

If you’re drinking a traditional American IPA, you’ll notice a strong profile of fruit, so you’ll have plenty of flavors and a distinct profile to work with while trying the foods to pair. For example, if you’re drinking a non-alcoholic IPA which possesses a strong mango flavor, you can pair it with Ceviche. The mango of the beer will pair nicely with the mango and citrus of the fish, in addition to the fattier elements. 


Compliment the Carbonation of Your Non-Alcoholic IPA

Pairing foods with non-alcoholic beer that highlights and complements the hops is only one method. You can also highlight and emphasize the carbonation, which usually works out well because non-alcoholic IPAs are highly and finely carbonated. Foods that will pair with carbonation and lead to a unique flavor combination will be fattier, creamier, or richer in flavor.

Carbonation actually acts to “cut through” the fat and cream of the dish, ensuring your palate is reset and you can experience the flavors over and over again with each new bite. For example, many IPAs are great when paired with fish and chips. You can add an additional flavor texture by pairing the meal with Tartar sauce.


Go Spicy

A third option you can choose is to embrace the spiciness of some dishes. IPAs pair with many spicy foods shockingly well. For example, many types of Thai and Indian cuisine go great with IPAs. 

The combination seems counterintuitive, but there’s nothing quite like the flavor and taste of a great IPA paired with a spicy and sizzling Thai curry recipe. IPAs are simply strong enough in their own right to pair well with more aggressive and bold flavors, such as those found in these types of foods. In addition, the carbonation cuts straight through their fat, letting you enjoy each and every bite in a new way.


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