Benefit Food Service Workers

Benefit Food Service Workers | Join Rightside Brewing And Giving Kitchen For Beer Night

We always try to look at the bright side here at Rightside Brewing, and these days, there’s a lot to see. It’s no secret that the past year has been rough on everyone, but particularly one of our most-loved communities: food service workers. The pandemic has dealt a harsh blow to restaurants, taprooms, bars, and other venues. To help the talented and dedicated food service employees who’ve been living with this uncertainty for more than a year, we’re proud to party and partner with Giving Kitchen at their upcoming Team Hidi: Spring Training fundraiser. Learn more about Giving Kitchen, Team Hidi, and how the Rightside Brewing family can come together to benefit food service workers and our broader community.

Meet Giving Kitchen and How They Benefit Food Service Workers

Giving Kitchen’s mission centers around the help and development of food service workers. Established in 2012, Giving Kitchen is a non-profit organization aiming to support food service workers with emergency financial support as well as referrals for community services. Giving Kitchen’s founders and board members are passionate food lovers with deep roots in the service industry. 

We love to work with Giving Kitchen because they understand the value that food service workers bring to society. The industry adds rich meaning to communities everywhere, yet food service workers are often vulnerable to emergencies and unexpected expenses. 

Giving Kitchen had supported service employees through almost a decade of life’s normal speed-bumps before the pandemic hit. They’ve expanded their mission in response to the past year, offering robust services to help service workers navigate the unemployment process, mental health issues, family concerns, housing, food security, and more. We couldn’t be prouder to work with them in continuing their mission.

What Is Team Hidi: Spring Training

Team Hidi: Spring Training is a special series of curated, at-home tastings that celebrate the joys of food and beverage, while also raising support for food service employees. Offered as a four-night series in April and May, Team Hidi is an amazing opportunity to sample new experiences and learn from experts, all in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Rightside Brewing is excited to be part of Team Hidi’s Beer Night! Join us on April 28, 2021, at 7 p.m. for an exclusive evening of craft beer, food pairings, and extra treats. Beer Night is hosted on Zoom, so enjoy your choice of pajamas, evening wear, or anything in between. Ale Sharpton will MC the event, joined by Mike Gallagher of Brick Store Pub and other brand representatives. 

General Admission tickets to Beer Night begin at $500 for a tasting basket for two. You’ll enjoy exploring exclusive craft beer, including delicious non-alcoholic offerings from Rightside Brewery. For an upgraded experience, try the Tastemaker package at $600. We believe there’s a place for NA beer at every event and we’re excited to be part of the Team Hidi lineup!

You don’t want to miss your chance to attend this event, so make sure to buy your tickets now. Together, we can spread the word and help Giving Kitchen continue its fundraising for hard-hit food service employees.

Benefit Food Service Workers and Help Our Community

At Rightside Brewing, we believe everyone has a place in the food and beverage industry. We craft our non-alcoholic beers to give everyone an enjoyable drink option, regardless of their stage of life. It’s equally important for us to give back to the people who serve our beer. Join us for Team Hidi: Beer Night as we partner with Giving Kitchen to support our food service employees.