Meet the Dreamer

Back in 2017 while pregnant with her daughter, Emree recognized a need for non-alcoholic adult beverages. There was such a focus on everything she shouldn’t have, and aside from water and soda, there really weren’t any beverages she could order. That experience heightened her awareness of the limitations drinks can put on social situations.

She wants a beverage that creates social inclusion for people in any phase of life. Emree’s hope is that Rightside lets you socialize without sacrifice, removing any stigma or pressure.

Non-Alcoholic Beer that Tastes Like Beer

The secret of our crisp tasting brew is in the technology. A majority of non-alcoholic beers use heat to remove the alcohol, which as a result distorts the taste of the product. Rightside has invested in your drinking experience – bringing you technology that only delivers authentic taste. Advanced filtration cycles water and alcohol through, leaving nothing but a true beer flavor and lasting impressions. 

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Family at Sunset

The Brightside

Rightside creates a community of leaders and listeners. Focused on empowering others to not just be the light, but share it. In honor of those still seeking a brightside, Rightside Brewing donates 5% of its profits to sobriety-related efforts because we know everyone has the potential to shine.

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