Ways to Reduce Anxiety

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety | Non-alcoholic Beer

Anxiety — whether it’s excessively worrying the day before a big presentation or a constant ‘pit in your stomach feeling, we all get anxiety from time to time. For some, it’s far more often than “from time to time” and can feel debilitating. In order to combat anxiety from taking over our daily life, we have to find ways to not only cope with it but find ways to improve our mental health so that it becomes less frequent. Below are 5 ways to reduce anxiety and daily stressors but we also encourage you to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about additional ways to combat anxiety. 

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Sweat It Out

Exercise plays a vital role in combating stress — especially when it’s done regularly. Exercise lowers stress hormones, helps improve sleep and confidence and can be extremely enjoyable and lead to new goals and friendships. It’s important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy so you can fully take your mind off your stressors and enjoy what you’re doing.

Swap Your Afternoon Coffee for Lemon Water

Coffee is healthy in moderation. But, drinking too much of it, especially later in the day, can lead to anxiety and decreased sleep quality. If you notice your afternoon coffee is giving you the jitters and/or making you feel anxious, try caffeine-free tea or lemon water instead.

Journal Your Thoughts

Simply writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is an excellent way to manage and relieve stress. You can either write down a to-do list, what you’re stressed about, or things you’re grateful for. Gratitude can help relieve stress and anxiety and shift your focus to what you’re thankful to have in life.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones (Pets included!)

Social support from friends and family — and cuddles from our pets — are all excellent ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Our loved ones give us a sense of belonging and like we’re not alone. Lean on your support group during the tough times. One study of women found that spending time with friends and kids helps release the natural stress-reliever oxytocin. Bonus points if you use some of the other tactics combined with spending time with friends and family, for example, going on a walk with your best friend, a family tennis match, or telling your friends and family how grateful you are for their support. 

Switch to Non-Alcoholic Beer

Non-alcoholic beer has been found to improve sleep and reduce anxiety and stress. One study found that participants who drank alcohol-free beer with dinner each night for 14 days reported lower levels of stress than when they did not drink the non-alcoholic beer nightly. Physical tests confirmed this effect —the participants demonstrated lower 5-HIAA levels which indicates reduced anxiety because people with high levels of 5-HIAA typically have anxiety disorders. 

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