Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

5 Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

This may come as a surprise, but would you believe that beer with little to no alcohol has been around since the Middle Ages? Back then it was called “small beer,” and it had a significantly lower alcohol content over the more popular ales. The advent of a truly alcohol-free beer for mass production didn’t happen in the states until prohibition, around 1917. 

But, why did we need a non-alcoholic beer in the first place? Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose? People drink beer to have a good time and to enjoy social situations. On the other hand, there can also be downsides to consuming too much alcohol. So, does non-alcoholic beer actually make a difference when it comes to your health?

Yes! Let’s explore 5 health benefits of non-alcoholic beer!

Having Fun and Making Healthy Choices with Non-Alcoholic Beer

The truth of the matter is, whether you’re a social or more regular drinker, the same issues will eventually pop up when you drink, especially if in excess. If you have ever had a 4-alarm hangover, you know what we mean!

Let’s look at a few ways that non-alcoholic beer can be a solution in these situations!

The Gym/bar Paradox

If you have seen bars in fitness centers, you might have scratched your head and wondered why they were installed. These were largely designed to add a social addition to the gym environment and increase membership. People like to work out with other people as a support system. But alcohol doesn’t always align with your fitness goals. After a workout, a group of gym patrons might go to a bar, potentially hurting their efforts. With a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks and smoothies on-site, the patrons can socialize and stay on point with their goals!


The Healthy Option

Non-alcoholic beer takes away most of the potentially harmful byproducts of traditional beer. Liver disease, a serious problem with drinkers, is eliminated. It is proven that, like wine, beer can offer heart-healthy benefits, so a non-alcoholic option will do the same, minus all the downsides. The yeast in non-alcoholic beer functions as a probiotic as well, which is essential for gastrointestinal health and wellness. Plus, polyphenols in the hops that are used to make non-alcoholic beer provide antioxidants that help you fend off disease. 


Calling It Quits

When smokers quit, sometimes the hardest part to breaking the desire for the motion used in smoking. Bringing the cigarette up to their lips, drawing in the tobacco, and letting out the smoke. It is calming, and after a long time of doing it, it can be a comforting routine. Drinking has a similar catharsis. Putting a bottle to the lips, taking a swig, then enjoying the flavor as it trickles down the throat. Non-alcoholic beer can give you that sensation and taste you love, without getting drunk or hungover. It is an effective tool to either cut down on alcohol consumption or quit altogether if you so choose.


Thinking Thin

In order to stay healthy, a specific caloric intake must be maintained. Many beer labels on the market today have a high-calorie count. Inversely, non-alcoholic beer has very few. Bad carbs from yeast products can sit in the system for years, and are incredibly hard to get rid of. While yeast is still present in the brewing of non-alcoholic beer, the sugars that are not added keep the calories low and are easily metabolized by the system. In some cases, this can even improve your metabolism, helping with weight loss.


Getting Some Flavor In Your Life

The one reason many people shy from non-alcoholic beer is the taste. There is something missing and they can tell. And we are here to tell you that that is no longer the case. Breweries have come a long way in creating options that taste just as amazing as the real thing. At Rightside, taste is our top priority so that you can hardly tell the difference!


Take The Plunge and Explore the Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

So, why not give non-alcoholic beer a try? Maybe you feel left out as the designated driver and want to still enjoy a night out with friends. Maybe you want to cut back on calories and watch your weight. Or maybe you know you have an early morning ahead and want to stay fresh while still enjoying a delicious beer. Whatever the reason, trying or switching to a non-alcoholic option can be beneficial for you in so many ways!

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