Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling

4 Easy Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling Good | Non-alcoholic Beer

The key to living a healthy lifestyle ultimately comes down to making healthy decisions. There must be intentional consideration for the foods and beverages we eat and drink, as well as the amount of time we spend on exercise and physical activity. Implementing healthy life changes into your daily tasks will not only benefit your physical health, but also boost your mental health, self-esteem, and mood! Check out these 5 health swaps to keep you feeling good!

4 Health Swaps to Keep You Feeling Good

Catch extra naps, not social media “likes.”

Social media can trigger anxiety and depression in many people. Overexposure to social media can trigger anxiety and depression. Social media can also steal hours of our evenings before we know it, so give your body and mind time to get the rest it needs to give you productive days. Whether it’s through a power nap or guided meditation, step away from your phone and find your center again!

Skip the elevator and the office chair.

Pass the elevator and go straight to the stairs! Climbing stairs increases muscle strength, improves heart health and mental health, while also building some endurance. As a bonus, it’s less crowded than the elevator too!

With many of us working from home or confined office space, you may be finding yourself in tons of Zoom meetings. Rather than staying seated in your chair all day struggling to maintain the perfect posture, invest in an adjustable height desk so you can stand or walk on the treadmill during those meetings. The movement will prevent muscle strain and blood clots!

Be active on your lazy day.

After a long week of work, it is understandable you want at least one day out of the weekend to be your designated “lazy day”. A typical lazy day may include a day off from cooking, staying home in comfortable loungewear or pajamas all day, and binge-watching your favorite show. While this seems like a day very well spent, there is at least one addition that would make the day even better: squats! Doing a few repetition sets of squats as you binge-watch will help you burn calories, strengthen your lower body and core muscles. Squats also strengthen the glutes and lower back, further helping reduce pain from sitting through all those Zoom meetings!

Enjoy a cold non-alcoholic beer

Excessive consumption of any alcoholic beverages, including beer, can lead to dangerous health situations such as inflammation of the pancreas, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and alcohol dependence.

Non-alcoholic beer, on the other hand, is a kind of superfood that promotes gut health. Non-alcoholic beer contains several beneficial bacteria that promote weight loss and gut health. Streptococcus promotes the regulation of immune system responsiveness. There are supporting studies that reflect Lactobacilli prevents obesity and insulin resistance. Try to swap out one or two of your regular drinks for a non-alcoholic one occasionally and see how you feel!

Implementing a healthy lifestyle is all about making the right changes. Recognize that the changes you are making should be consistent and permanent and your health will be your wealth!

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